The Art of …

… celebration, by Jacob Jordaens

This wonderful painting holds my New Year’s wish for 2021 – to rediscover the simple joy of being together with friends and family sharing laughter and music, good wine and plentiful food.

The Feast of the Bean King, 1640-1645, Jacob Jordaens. Image from Wikiart


  1. Tethys says

    His rendering of the glass and reflections is fantastic. I especially like the hidden face of the artist as reflected in the mirror. He seems to be enjoying himself as much as the subjects. My Latin is not very good, but the top line says “Nil similius insano”. Nothing seems insane? I will look up the final words, but I suspect quam ebris means something like “with enough booze”. A fitting motto for 2020.

  2. Tethys says

    According to the British Museum it translates to “Nothing is closer to a madman than a drunk.” They look quite happy IMO. Perhaps those dragon spouted samovars contained mulled wine?

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