The Art of …

The Art of Book Design is changing. I’ve become bored with just books, and there are lots of other things I’d like to explore and share with you. So, I’ve decided to turn the basic concept into a daily surprise. The title is being shortened to simply The Art of …, and I’ll post a daily something art-related. If you want to know what that something is, then you’ll have to tune us in. There will still be books, but also posters, fine art, folk art, sculpture, architecture, museums, and anything else that piques my interest. I’m starting the series with an Indigenous artist whose work I enjoy.

So today it’s The Art of… Tony Abeyta

Stormy River Bend by Tony Abeyta. Image courtesy of




  1. Ice Swimmer says

    I like this new turn. The book design was attractive to look at and there were fine works, but somehow, the words for commenting didn’t flow.

    I love the colours and the showers of rain in the colourfui painting. The drawing in the video is so different looking but still the curved/rounded shapes have some stylistic commonalities.

  2. DonDueed says

    When I looked at that painting, I thought, “That really reminds me of the Southwest, with the scattered rain showers.” Then I saw that the artist was Navajo. “Aha.”

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