Can You Identify this Bug?

Avalus has sent in some pictures he’s taken on one of his many walks. The first two photos are likely a potato bug, but the red and black bug is a mystery. Can you help? As always, you can click the photos for full-size.

Probably a potato bug ©Avalus, all rights reserved.

Probable potato bug ©Avalus, all rights reserved.

A freaky bug ©Avalus, all rights reserved.


  1. says

    That first one is definitively a potato bug. A mortal enemy in my garden, killed on sight. Nuke it from the orbit, thats the only way to be sure!
    I think the second one is Trichodes apiarius.

  2. Jazzlet says

    In the UK tthe first bug would be called a Colarado beetle. We have managed to remain free of it, but it is a notifiable pest so we hopefully remain free of it’s ravages.

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