Tree Tuesday

photo by Canadagood, via Atlas Obscura


Today’s tree is a stubborn little Douglas Fir, who found an unusual and somewhat lonely place to grow.

Seventy miles from the port city of Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island, a plucky arboreal wonder can be found on the quiet waters of Fairy Lake.
Living up to its name, Fairy Lake is in a remote and unspoiled landscape near the town of Port Renfrew. Sticking up out of the lake’s stillness is a submerged log. Clinging to that log for dear life is a tiny Douglas fir-tree. The log itself is a Douglas fir. As the stunted tree’s only source of support and nutrients, it feels like the dead tree made a sort of noble sacrifice to the tiny tree growing on it. Tourists, boaters and hikers come seeking it as a unique window into nature and rebirth.

The tree is referred to as the “Bonsai” tree and has been attracting lots of photographers, some even producing award-winning photos.

Photo by Shawn McCready for Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura says it’s easy to get to the tree and gives directions to the site at the link below. There are also a few more photos at the link. If you go, please share with us any photos you take.

Via Atlas Obscura



  1. voyager says

    Possibly, determination.
    Or maybe, How to be Single and Thrive.
    Perhaps even, How to Live and Grow Where You’re Planted.
    (All 3 ideas have merit and I think should be part of everyone’s mental health toolbox)

  2. says

    @1 Marcus, @2 voyager

    I always preferred the Demotivators. Should have a peek over there, come to think of it, been a while since I looked at

    So to ME, this would be perfect on a display that said:

    There’s No Limit To What You Can Do
    When Others Aren’t In The Way

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