Jack’s Walk

A sky full of snow ©voyager, all rights reserved

Well, winter has landed with a cargo load of wet, heavy snow. We have about 15 cm already, and there’s still lots more to come. The sky is full of oppressive grey snow clouds in all directions, and the forecast says it’s going to persist for a few more days. It’s a constant fine snow that doesn’t look serious at all, but it’s sticky, and it clumps, and it requires shovelling – which Jack and I did this morning, to the consternation of my back and shoulder muscles. Usually, I’m more fit at this time of year, but I did altogether too much sitting over the summer and not enough hiking or gardening. Just a few inactive months and my muscles have atrophied to jello. Well, there’s only one thing to do – suck it up and take the pain of putting them to work again, The snow will force my hand at that. So will towelling off Mr. Wigglebum, which is labour intensive, but amusing. So, bring it on winter. I’ll take the pain. Ha, I’ll be ready for gardening season. I have a good attitude and a cheerful Jackson Brown. That’s enough to get me through the season of gloom.

Note to Self: Use it or lose it is sadly true.


  1. Nightjar says

    At least it makes for pretty pictures!

    Here it’s raining and 15ºC, but forecast says temperatures will drop in the next few days. So, winter weather by our standards. That doesn’t bother me, but I’m still adapting to the recent clock change and to the fact that for the next few months it will always be dark when I leave work. The sudden decrease in sunlight exposure affects always affects me.

  2. voyager says


    The loss of natural light is the worst part of winter for me. I have a light therapy box that helps, but getting out with Jack is best. I try to get out around noon when the light is the brightest.

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