A Beautiful Butterfly Poses for Photos

I apologize to Avalus for taking so long to post these photos. I received them near the end of August when things were hectic for me and I didn’t have consistent access to the internet. They’re beautiful pictures and I’m delighted to share them today.

Here is a beautiful butterfly. It might be a popular monarch (Limenitis populi) or a white admiral (Limenitis camilla), but I am not sure. In German they are called big and small Eisvogel (Kingfisher). 

©Avalus, all rights reserved

©Avalus, all rights reserved

©Avalus, all rights reserved

©Avalus, all rights reserved


  1. voyager says

    @ Marcus,
    I like the idea of a butterfly being all blissed out on joy, but it’s not going to live long if there’s not a bit of fear now and then.

  2. avalus says

    Don’t worry, voyager. I took the photos in june I think, so they must be used to wait in storage :D

    @Marcus: I wondered something similar: “I don’t care about that ugly pinkish lump and their black box and just enjoy sunshine and this yummi nectar.”

    Thanks Gilliell :)

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