Jack’s Walk

False Solomon’s Seal ©voyager, all rights reserved

Sometimes the colours of fall are found in the trees and sometimes the colours of fall are found on the ground. I do a lot of looking up and down at this time of year.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    I love the colours.

    I got curious over what kind of plant is a False Solomon’s Seal and they seem to be related to lilies-of-the-valley. In Finnish, the genus Maianthemum is oravanmarjat (squirrel’s berries*, orava squirrel, marja = berry), though the False Solomon’s Seal has the name tertturotkokielo (terttu** = raceme, rotko = ravine, kielo = lily-of-the-valley, thus, freely translated: racemous lily-of the-ravine).

    * = The species here are poisonous for humans, but I’m not sure are they poisonous for squirrels.
    ** = Terttu is also a woman’s name, I’d guess most of the people with that name would be born ca. 1920-60.

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