Jack’s Walk

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Jack and I decided to spend some time in the garden this morning. I did a few minutes worth of weeding and Jack helpfully surveyed the damage done to my hibiscus by hungry little caterpillars – the bastards! No matter, it’s near the end of garden season and Jack and I are both looking forward to the arrival of fall next week. The boy loves the cooler temps and all the new smells that come with the season of decay. My pitiful human nose can’t appreciate most of the smells, but I do have excellent eyes to appreciate all the colours.

We both hope you get outdoors to enjoy this last weekend of summer. We’ll be back on Monday so we’ll see you in the fall!


  1. Nightjar says

    Such an adorable photo of Jack. :)

    My garden needs a few hours worth of weeding and those were my plans for today. But… it’s raining. The garden needs the rain too, even more than the weeding, but it would have been nice if the rain had chosen a weekday instead.

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