The Art of Book Design: Celtic Tales Told to the Children


Louie Chishom. Celtic Tales. Cover art and illustration by Katherine Cameron. U.K. and U.S., T.C. & E.C., E.P. Dutton, 1910.

Art thou indeed Deirdre. That Deirdre of whom I have dreamed. Celtic Tales, frontispiece.

Thence, ofttimes in the young summer would they sail southward. Celtic Tales page 26.

The hedge of spears. Celtic Tales page 38.

As she touched Aed, Fiacra and Conn, the three brothers were as the maid. Celtic Tales page 50.

They would swim far out into a dim grey wilderness of waters. Celtic Tales page 60.

It was Saint Kemoc. Celtic Tales, page 68.

Dermat. Celtic Tales page 82.

Grania. Celtic Tales page 112.

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