K is for Khaki

From Nightjar,

K is for Khaki ©Nightjar, all rights reserved


Telling apart tones of light brown is an exercise I find neither easy nor exciting, but the letter K doesn’t really afford many choices. I did learn that khaki is actually a RYB quinary color obtained by mixing equal parts of the quaternary colors sage and buff. Not that this piece of information helped me much, mind you. Hopefully some parts of this sheep’s portrait aren’t too far-off.

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  1. Ice Swimmer says

    I’d go even further and say warm-climate uniforms, woollen uniforms (Finnish*, Swedish or German) would be gray in my mind, made from a mixture of black and white wool.

    But yes, I think there’s some shade of khaki on the sheep and in the surroundings.

    Also, cute sheep and warm light.
    * = The Finnish Defence forces used to have gray dress and barracks uniforms for conscripts but the dry-cleaning bill was deemed excessive, so nowadays conscripts serve and go home on free weekends wearing camouflage.

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