Precious Tulips

From Nightjar,

These photos were taken in the last day of winter, just before the equinox. I brought these little red tulips from my grandma’s garden after she died and I planted them in a pot to be sure I wouldn’t lose them. It turned out to be a great idea and by moving it around I was able to capture them in different light conditions.

©Nightjar, all rights reserved

©Nightjar, all rights reserved

©Nightjar, all rights reserved

©Nightjar, all rights reserved


  1. voyager says

    What a brilliant red and I love the way you’ve set them against different backgrounds and lighting conditions. My favourite is the third photo with the setting sun shining through the leaves.

  2. rq says

    While there are three kinds of epic in this small collection, the very first is just too epic, I love the crisp contrasting colours but especially that shade of blue.

  3. Jazzlet says

    I got a couple of bunches of red tulips reduced to 75p when I went food shpping the other day and they have been making me happy every time I look at them, but bulbs are way better!

  4. Nightjar says

    Thank you, everyone!

    Giliell, daffodils and hyacinths are a distant memory already. I feel like spring is moving to fast this year. That’s part of the reason I’ve been so absent lately, the garden is consuming a lot of time right now and there’s still so much to plant. Which reminds me, I must not forget the sunflowers, the local greenfinches wouldn’t forgive me. :)

  5. lumipuna says

    I planted some tulips and pearl hyacinths in pots last fall and wintered them in an unheated storage room. Now they’re growing on my balcony, which is fairly sunny and closed with glass panes like a greenhouse. No flower buds visible yet, but the leaves are fairly big already. Usually our tulips bloom in May; these will likely bloom in late April.

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