A Spider Puzzle

Avalus has sent us a puzzle today. Somewhere in this photo there’s a spider. Since the spider is hard to find  I’m going to put the photo on the front page. If you’re arachnophobic please skip past this post, but if you’re not can you find the spider? The answer is below the fold. (click for full size)

Where is the Spider? ©Avalus, all rights reserved

There he is! ©Avalus, all rights reserved


  1. suttkus says

    Am I imagining things or are there a pair of harvestmen on the shadow bar across the rock, just where that moss reaches down from the top?

  2. avalus says

    PZ: Very good, give your spiders some extra treats! :)
    suttkos: Totally possible! If they were there, they did not move, though. It could also be moss with its fruitstalks sticking out. I only saw the spider because it had moved from the green patch of moss to the brown one.

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