Jack’s Walk

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As expected, we’ve had several days of temps well above zero. Today it’s 9º C and almost all of our snow has melted away. The creek at the park is running high, everything is boggy and the season of mud has set in early. Oh. joy. The weather forecast is looking pretty strange, too. Today and tomorrow it’s expected to be about 10º C then on Wednesday we go down to -2º C with snow and then Thursday and Friday up to 12º C with rain. About a week ago I said it felt like the month of March had come early, but already this week it feels more like the month of April.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    In Helsinki it’s normal winter weather, in Utsjoki*, which is the northernmost municipality in Finland, it was last night the coldest weather this year, -39 °C, and you have spring weather.
    * = Ohcejohka in Northern Saami, 45 % of the population there speaks the language.

  2. springa73 says

    It reached 60 F / 16 C here today, and is supposed to do the same tomorrow. Feels like April instead of early February. Hopefully the unseasonal warmth doesn’t last long enough for some of the plants to start budding and growing, only to get zapped when it gets cold again. There was at least one winter about 10 or 12 years ago when that happened here.

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