As It Turns out, Good Guy With a Gun Gets Shot.

So, the ammosexual’s wet dream came true, a good guy with a gun has managed to stop a mass shooting. Yet they seem to be suspiciously quiet about it, and nobody is lauding the hero, I wonder why?

Well, the problem is, he was the wrong color and was shot to death when police arrived, because they mistook him for the miscreant.

Now I am pretty sure that the fact that the poor guy was black has played a role in the police officer’s decision to shoot first and ask questions never. No doubt the murderous police officer will see no repercussions and any mention of subconscious racial bias will be ignored. But lets put that aside for now, because the whole scenario has another problem, and one that cannot be brushed aside as “political correctness gun grabbing libtards going mad” by even the staunchest NRA stooges.

That is the problem of how policing in a state where everybody has a gun is supposed to work?

The saying “Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun” was always a sham and american gun lovers know it. However I do not remember anyone ever giving an answer to the question – how are police supposed to recognise who is the good guy and who is the bad guy? Or for that matter, if a random good guy with a gun walks in on a situation of two guys guns ablaze at each other, how is he supposed to recognise who is the good guy to join and who is the baddie?

Armed society is not polite society. Armed society is dysfunctional society. The only way to stop bad guys is not allow them to get guns in the first place. Which in this case includes the police officer – one not insignificant fact about this case is that the black security guy has managed to subdue the assailant without killing him. Something the police officer did not even attempt to do.


  1. DavidinOz says

    We have recently seen another “terrorist” attack in Melbourne where a deranged person stabbed 3 people, one of whom sadly died. The murderer was shot by police and later died in hospital. Due to our tight gun control laws the death and injury toll was minimal.

    Yet we have politicians, some of whom it has been revealed being supported by the USA’s very own terrorist organisation, the NRA, wanting to loosen restrictions on gun owners. Apparently American gun manufacturers are going broke by being restricted in our marketplace.

  2. Jazzlet says

    Well they must be near saturation of their home market, how are they going to increase sales and profits if some of the rest of us don’t loosen our laws?

  3. voyager says

    It’s all just collateral damage, Charly. Who cares if the odd good guy with a gun gets shot “by accident,” especially if that good guy was black. The gun lovers still love their guns and they probably have wet dreams about actually using it on another human being. The NRA will continue to line the pockets of politicians without a care about the occasional mass shooting or loss of innocent life. They’re not just in it for love, they have money to make and that matters more than people do. And the media will quickly find another focus. Black Friday is coming up and so is American Thanksgiving. Those are subjects that are worth examination because they don’t make anyone uncomfortable. Let’s count our blessings and then spend some money. That’s what keeps the world turning.

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