Jack’s Walk

Dreary November Day, ©voyager, all rights reserved

Drizzling. Dreary. Drab. In other words, the weather hasn’t changed. Jack and I decided to go to the forest hoping the canopy would help keep us dry, but too many leaves are down and there was really no protection at all. I’m normally a fairly easy-going person, but this constant damp has me feeling irritable and out of sorts. At least Jack doesn’t seem to mind and his wagging tail and happy smile sure help to make being outside passably tolerable. Still, it’s good to be home and I might just hide out here for the rest of the day.


  1. says

    Jack’s got a protective coat, and such weather makes dogs happy -- it brings out the smells and the tempting muddy spots.

    The leaves are beautiful, too!

  2. rq says

    Your leaves still look pretty bright. We’ve finally entered a phase of rainy dark autumn (it always feels quite sudden), but we’ve also lost the colours, so it’s the next few months of greyness (unless it snows). I feel you on the damp dreariness, there’s nothing quite like it. Strangely enough, before truly entering the winter doldrums, I usually have a phase of energetic productivity around this time of year -- I see it as a sort of preparation for hibernation, because once January hits, it feels like I can’t get anything done at all, until about March. I hope you get some sunlight soon, and I’m glad you have Jack to keep your spirits up!

  3. Nightjar says

    Our weekend was like that, no sun to be seen anywhere. At least you have Happy Jack! I just have two grumpy cats who look and meow at me as if the weather was my fault, and a little bird who doesn’t care either way as long as I let her nap on my shoulder for a while. :)

    Your photo is lovely. The leaves still look very pretty.

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