Youtube Video: Nurgle Plague Sword Build

Michael Cthulu is not a smith, he is a welder. And he does not make historically accurate replicas, he makes ridiculous, humongous swords from computer games that have no chance whatsoever to being actually functional in the real world.

But he is entertaining to watch and he has shown some tricks in his videos that are valuable to me in my workshop – like his unique working goggles with replaceable glasses.

He also seems to be a genuinely nice person, at least judging by the ammount of his products he auctions for charity ever since he makes enough money for comfortable living.

Mild content warning – the video takes almost an hour and contains half-naked and very hairy dude in his fifties doing dangerous things with fire, electricity and fast spinning machinery.


  1. Callinectes says

    “Nurgle Plague Sword” is the last phrase I ever expected to top the lists on this site. My other tabs are full of Warhammer nonsense, so to shift out of that gear only to find I’m still in it was entirely jarring. You know those moments when your brain is momentarily lagging behind events and you’re not sure that it caught up with the correct reality? It was like that.

  2. avalus says

    I made LARP-(foam)swords like this years ago and they were unwieldy as hell, thus I am curious how his swords would feel in the hand. (I know they are art pieces, but still … )
    @ Callinectes #4: I had a very similar reaction.

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