1. voyager says

    I love these barnacle geese with their short necks and beaks. For some reason their faces make me think of puffins.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a puffin IRL, but from pictures, it seems both puffins and barnacle geese have white cheeks. And the white cheeks of barnacle geese give them their Finnish name valkoposkihanhi (white-cheeked goose, poski = cheek, hanhi = goose, valko is the compound word form of valkoinen, white). Puffin is lunni (which must be a loan word from Swedish or Norwegian).

    BTW, these pictures are from the island Uunisaari. In the first picture, on the brown door, you can see the text KAASU and a symbol of a valve (so the shut-off valve must be there). Kaasu is gas, in this case probably natural gas that’s probably used for heating and cooking in the restaurant in the building.

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