Forest Path Statues – Part 2 – Owls

I can attest to an owl being a very good bird to carve out of wood – you need not remove as much material from the stock to get a good likeness and you do not need extra material for beaks and long legs and such like.

There were four statutes with owl theme along the path, and they were all cuteness distilled, especially the one with two of them cuddling atop a tower.

©Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size.


  1. kestrel says

    Delightful. What does it say next to the last owl who looks like it’s sitting on a book?

    These are really cool. Now I wish I had a bunch of stumps laying around, to carve into owls…

  2. voyager says

    Adorable. It’s a great idea to add interest to a trail and to make an ordinary stump beautiful.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Gorgeous and cute indeed.

    Looks like there’s a stylized owl’s nest under the long-eared owl clutching the viper.

  4. rq says

    They all look so soft and fluffy! The two cuddling in particular. I feel a bit sorry for the third one, seems a bit lost and distressed down in the grass like that. Cute!

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