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    Yes, we get some grand clouds here. Rick and I were talking about this the other day -- it’s strange, but you can be out driving and see where it’s raining, while over you is a sunny, hot, cloudless sky.

  2. Nightjar says

    Rain? Oh we had so much rain today and I wasn’t expecting rain at all. It was a lovely warm and sunny day when all of a sudden… I think it rained more in two hours today than in all of 2017. There was a bit of damage and many fallen plums and peaches, but it wasn’t as bad as I feared. This kind of unexpected heavy rain in summer is not normal here. But I guess nothing is normal anymore.

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    No, nothing is normal anymore. We lost a good amount of tree a couple of weeks ago. While I was in Bismarck, a storm hit and ripped through Almont with 74 mile an hour winds. We lost most of a fairly big elm, which in turn wiped out most of our small chokecherry trees in the back.

  4. Nightjar says

    I’m so sorry about the trees, that sucks. Thankfully we just lot some fruit, and I’m so glad we picked plums and peaches yesterday, otherwise it would have been much worse!

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    You reminded me that I had proper black plums waiting to be eaten, and they were delicious! We had plum trees (black plums) when I was a sprog in SoCal, used to stuff myself silly on them. :D

    I probably should go and check on our baby Sumac, there’s a new batch of baby bunnies out back, and it’s a favourite of the wild rabbit population.

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