Agnes, enjoying a good gnaw. Agnes was one of the triplets comprising Amelia, Magrat and herself. Like Alfie, Agnes was one of the Super Smartypants™. She was the thinker, and always figured things out first. Like Amelia, she was very outgoing, loved to play and wrestle, and was sweet natured to the core, with a wide streak of mischievousness. Click for full size.

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    Oh yes! That particular piece of wood, when I brought it in, it was thoroughly sniffed and pissed upon by many of the crew, but Agnes must have really liked the taste or texture, because she dragged that piece of wood off to a secluded corner and debarked most of it by herself over the course of a couple months.

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    And for those who may not know: a rat’s front teeth never stop growing, so their chewing and gnawing is necessary, to keep their teeth at proper size; they don’t chew because they are destructive. Well, not most of the time anyroad. ;D

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