1. Ice Swimmer says

    There’s a bit of air perspective in the picture.

    If they had family name Wind:

    Wind family farm and Wind Family Farm Wind Farm. Accessible by a long and winding farm road in windy plains.

  2. DataWrangler says

    Giliell reminds me of the line from Canticle for Leibowitz about figuring out the difference between “cat house” and “house cat.”

  3. voyager says

    The farm family farms their family farm.
    The wind family blows and winds their clocks.
    English is a strange language.

  4. rq says

    Family wind farm?

    [opinion on vaguely related subject] I don’t really understand why many people complain so much about the turbines ‘ruining their view’. I like them (don’t know why), and it seems a bit two-faced to complain about man-made objects ruining the ‘pristine’ landscape when you’re in farming country -- these just happen to be large enough to be visible above the treetops. Considering the amount of damage humans have already done to the environment, a small visible effort at something resembling sustainable energy should be a welcome sight. [/opinion]

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