Jack’s Walk


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This is a trail that Jack and I seldom use. In winter it’s drab and funnels the wind and in summer it’s full of mosquitoes.  Today, though, it was perfect and Jack and I had a slow wander through the unfamiliar landscape. As we approached this section of the trail the trees began reaching out from either side to meet in the middle and close us in overhead. It felt as if we were stepping into a magical tunnel that would lead us to the secret forest places where fairies and pixies live. Of course today all the magical creatures were hiding, but the sense of possibility stayed with me. It isn’t often that Jack and I go to unfamiliar places and I think we both felt a sense of wonder at this special something new.


  1. says

    Wow! That’s pure fairy tale. Oh, how I wish I could have walked with you and Jack. An extraordinary photo, to say the very least.

  2. jazzlet says

    I love that sort of woodland path, the dog love them even more. Does Jack have a preference when it comes to places to walk? All the dogs I have had have like woodland better than anything else, maybe because it has more smells going on?

  3. busterggi says

    There’s a trail like that not too far from my place that leads up to where a small farm was until arounf 1970. If it wasn’t for all the ticks I’d still do walks in the woods.

  4. rq says

    What a beautiful find (and I mean thanks to the mosquitoes for staying in their lairs)! The magic shows through your photograph, you had one a while ago with a trail leading off into adventure and this is the sequel (but like a good sequel, not one of those terrible ones).

  5. Nightjar says

    I am envious, you have such wonderful paths to wander through! You also have a talent for landscape photography that I admire, it’s something I’m not very good at, but I love your photos, they’re always so… inviting. This photo in particular, I just love it, that looks like such a special place full of magic and mystery.

  6. says

    That’s what I told Rick, that Voyager has a natural eye for landscape, like he does. That’s one which misses me. I like looking at landscapes, but they don’t speak to me photographically. I always get lost in the small things, the mundane, the odd, and the like. We can both take a shot of the same landscape, and his will be magical, and mine will be a boring snapshot.

  7. Ice Swimmer says

    The alternating light and shadow and the opening in to the heart of the forest are beautiful.

  8. Nightjar says

    Caine, boring snapshot is a good description of what I end up with when I try to take a landscape photo. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m just not good at it. There are even things that I don’t particularly like, such as photographing people and kids, but when I’m asked to do it I apparently do well enough and can get interesting photos. But landscapes? Forget it. I love them, but I can’t make anything out of them photographically.

  9. voyager says

    Jack definitely prefers woodland trails, but I think that’s partly because the trails we walk are used by lots of other dogs. He loves to find a scent and follow it, head down, nose twitching and not looking at all where he’s going. I wish I could smell the world with his nose for just a few minute. I probably wouldn’t use it to smell poop like Jack does, but there are lots of other things I’d like to inhale.

  10. voyager says

    bustergigi says,
    Jack is starting a new pill that protects him from tic born Lyme disease. We know a dog who was infected with Lyme Last year and that poor dog suffered until the antibiotics finally kicked in.

  11. voyager says

    rq thanks.
    I do like to photograph paths that fall off in the distance.. I’ll try not to post too many!

  12. voyager says

    Thanks so much. And here I am wishing that I could shoot macro as well as you. You’re photos are always gorgeous and I love the way you use light.
    Also, I know I’m very lucky to live where I do. There are a lot of walking trails and parks.

  13. voyager says

    Ice Swimmer,
    Thanks. It makes me happy to hear a compliment about the light. That’s something I’m trying to improve.

  14. says

    I’m with rq. There are many paths in the world, and this way, we get to see more than we usually would!

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