Be Best? More Like Be Plagiarising.

The logo for “Be Best” allegedly designed by Melania Trump herself (image courtesy the White House).

The logo for “Be Best” allegedly designed by Melania Trump herself (image courtesy the White House).

As logos go, we’ve all certainly seen better. Much better. This is astonishingly simplistic, with minimal attraction to it. There’s no bite, nothing to sink teeth and tongue into at all. Mrs. Trump wanted something which would appeal to children, but my first thought was that sprogs of all ages would simply dismiss this as vague and boring. This, um, logo, brand, whatever it is wouldn’t have taken 5 minutes in photoshop. You could simply go to DaFont,* type in “Be Best” and look at it in thousands of different fonts, and you’d probably come up with something better.

Graphic designers the world over probably groaned at the news that First Lady of the United States Melania Trump designed the logo for her new “Be Best” initiative, which New York Times journalist Julie Davis reports came about because the First Lady likes “clean lines” and “wanted something that would appeal to children.”

The logo is part of a campaign aimed at “encouraging children to BE BEST in their individual paths, while also teaching them the importance of social, emotional, and physical health.” Cue eye roll.


Let’s remember that FLOTUS has an originality problem, so it seems only fitting that the Be Best pamphlet is an almost exact copy of a document published by the Federal Trade Commission in January 2014 h/t @RMac18Of course, this isn’t the first time she’s cribbed from the Obama administration, or even the second. Perhaps we’ll soon discover that she copied this logo, too.

You can read more at Hyperallergic, and vote in their poll about “Be Best”.

*I went back to DaFont, switched to cartoon fonts, and decided on Good Morning by imagex. I am in no way a graphic artist, and have zero skills in that regard, but a few minutes mousing in photoshop resulted in this:

I know which one would have attracted my attention as a sprog.


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    What really gets to me is treating such theft as perfectly okay. Kids don’t need to be taught, directly or indirectly, that plagiarism is okay, that theft of other people’s work is okay. There’s way too much of that shit going on already, without tacit approval from on high.

    Plagiarism is denying yourself knowledge, turning down the ability to think, and spurns learning of any kind. That’s one hell of a message for “be best”.

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