1. rq says

    Ha, I thought those were wee yellow birdies!
    I like the lolling red tongue in the first. ;) Thirsty for thaw!

  2. says

    I left a blanket partly piled up on the windowsill. Now it’s full of partially frozen water. There are birds out and about, but not in the lilac!

  3. StevoR says

    I guess it depends what defines “Spring” and how you think it starts.

    You can say the season is a given trio of months like we do here (September, October, November) or use the passage of the equinox (September for us / March for those in the northern hemisphere or you choose a naturally occurring season and set of conditions with the presence of certain flowers and faunal behaviours e.g. certain birds present after migrating, nesting, etc..

    Or you can define it by blankets not being full of water in a mixture of two of their phase states (solid & liquid) -- I guess that works too!

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