1. rq says

    The persistence of spring. I love winter, but I also love life saying ‘fuck you’ to its death-inducing conditions.

  2. Nightjar says

    That’s lovely. I think I don’t appreciate the winter-to-spring transition as much as people living farther north, we do have a lot of wildflowers blooming throughout winter. Temperatures never go below 0ºC (or if they do it’s like -1 or -2 at night but only for a few days) so most plants do just fine. Now summer, that is the death-inducing season here, more and more so.

  3. says

    Wut? Giliell, you already have snowdrops showing up? Here the winter finally decided to arrive and we had two weeks of snow and frost nonstop. I am not complaining, because it was sorely needed, but even so I cannot wish for spring to arrive too soon.

  4. says

    Yep, January being 5 degrees too hot coaxed them out.
    But we’ve had occasional (light) snow and finally some frost here as well.
    The last few years we had a too warm January followed by a cold spell in February and higher temperatures around christmas than around easter.

    To me the arrival of spring is like life come again.

  5. sillybill says

    Great photography. Perfect contrast to my low skill crocus pics. Did you use a camera stand? Did you have to go into manual focus/exposure, etc. or just set it to portrait and hit the button?

  6. Nightjar says


    I can imagine. To me it is usually the arrival of autumn that feels that way. The first rains and when the fields start getting green again. This year I cried when the first rains finally arrived. But my whole region was burning in October, so they were mostly tears of relief.

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