Pence & The Luciferians.

Lucifer (the morning star) represented as a winged child pouring light from a jar. Engraving by G.H. Frezza, 1704.

Lucifer (the morning star) represented as a winged child pouring light from a jar. Engraving by G.H. Frezza, 1704.

Rodney Howard-Browne, a certified member of the lunatic fringe has come up with a brand new shtick.

During the program, Howard-Browne warned that the shadowy elites who run the world literally worship Satan and are intent on removing Trump from office, possibly with the assistance of Vice President Mike Pence.

“At the highest levels, these people worship Lucifer,” he said. “What I am talking to you about right now is the Luciferian structure of the globe. These people care absolutely nothing—I believe that with President Trump coming was a last minute reprieve, but we are being set up even now, as we speak, for the coming of that Antichrist one-world religion and one money system.”

Oh yes, the specter of ecumenism. I recall people being quite upsetty about that one way back in my Calvary Chapel days, but y’know, back then, people were absolutely certain the rapture was right around the corner, and a lot of people thought adopting bar codes was the mark of the beast and all that crap.  You can rest easy, Rodney. We humans are light years from an ecumenical church and a one money system. For such things to develop, people need to be at peace, and be willing to talk and agree with one another, that cooperation business. We aren’t even close to dreaming about that at this point in time.

I don’t understand why you in the lunatic fringe are always focused on people at “the highest level” and all that elite nonsense. It’s not those who have power and money who fuel revolutions; those people are terrified of the ‘common folk’ deciding they are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. Besides, there are more of us common types than ‘elites’, so I’d think any shadowy movement would be found amongst the hoi polloi. People at a high level with lots of power and money tend to be firmly in favour of the status quo.

The election of Trump, Howard-Browne said, gave the world “a window” of opportunity to fight back against the satanic system before it destroys the world.

Hahahaha, no. The election, such as it was, allowed a minority of vicious bigots the hope of being able to oppress others, and to bring about the fascism they worship.

“What people don’t understand,” he said, “they might not like Trump because he was not a Sunday school teacher, but we didn’t need a Sunday school teacher, we needed a wrecking ball and we have a wrecking ball by the name of President Donald J. Trump. I’m so happy that he is wrecking everything and I say, ‘Wreck on, Mr. President.’ The tweets are important because they are rabbits that he is sending for the media to catch while he is doing something else and we have to pray that God gives us this reprieve because you know if they can’t push the racism thing, if they can’t push the whole, you know, he has lost his mind, then they will take him out. And that is the next thing on the horizon.”

Oh FFS, what a load of bonnaconshit. We needed a wrecking ball like we needed a nice new hole in our heads. There’s no need to push anything – every day, the Tiny Tyrant proves his racism, his shallowness, his fucking idiocy. He is not any sort of genius, who is deliberately tweeting distractions. Unfortunately, his tweets are direct evidence of how his mind works, and that should scare the shit out of every person on the planet. If an assassin has not stepped up, given all the destruction wrought over the past year, it’s not going to happen, Rodney. I doubt an impeachment will happen either, because it seems no one has the fucking spine to follow the law and do the right thing.

Howard-Browne then warned that while he personally likes the vice president, “Mike Pence is a company man, Mike Pence will do what the GOP tells him to do … So we are in a very precarious situation, more precarious now than we can ever even begin to imagine.”

Right. You’re talking about a man with the spine of a jellyfish. Pence excels at kissing ass, I’ll give you that, but that doesn’t make him dangerous. In a bad situation, Pence would fall to his knees and grovel to the Tiny Tyrant. We aren’t talking about some silent man of action, the stereotype you see in too many movies. Pence is Trump’s fluffer, nothing more.

The whole mess is at RWW.


  1. says

    It’s probably past due for one of the usual suspects to decide Bitcoin is part of the Antichrist storyline.

    Funny how Howard-Browne, like others working the same idea, thinks Trump isn’t one of the shadowy insiders. How does he think a real estate mogul, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, avoids being drafted into the conspiracy?

    He does get credit for thinking Pence is possibly one of the satanic bad guys.

  2. says


    It’s probably past due for one of the usual suspects to decide Bitcoin is part of the Antichrist storyline.

    I used to be surprised that it never came up, but then I noticed that all christian sites heavily feature ads having to do with bitcoin. Guess they don’t want to bite the hand or something.

  3. Dunc says

    I’d guess that Bitcoin will be suddenly discovered to be the Mark of the Beast about 5 minutes after they lose their shirts in the crash.

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