1. says

    I did not realize it is a crack in the wall, but now I do not understand how I missed that.

    It must be shifting something awful if it makes that big a crack and tears the glass-fibre reinforcements in the plaster. Did an expert on structural stability to look at the building?

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    The house itself is on solid rock. The crack is in the garage
    When they built it they simply didn’t compress the ground enough before they poured the concrete.
    We had an architect and an engineer look at it. It’s not salvageable, but also not a danger. Car doesn’t fit inside anyway.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Giliell @ 6

    I see, a more mundane reason. The coal mine thing just sprang into my mind (I’ve read The Road to Wigan Pier by Orwell, in which he writes about houses tilting and twisting because of the mining tunnels underneath), as the modern history of that corner of Germany has been due to coalfields to a great extent (right?).

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