Lego Hell.

Mihai Marius Mihu has done a great job of creating Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell in Lego. Mihu did not immerse themselves in The Inferno for this project, limiting themselves to snippets about the circles, wanting their own take on it to dominate, and I think it’s a grand job. Lust is most impressive. I’m just going to post Gluttony here, because the red and black really attracted me, and you can have a wander through the other circles yourself, and also have a care if you curious sproggen trying to peek over your shoulder.

© Mihai Marius Mihu.

© Mihai Marius Mihu.

© Mihai Marius Mihu.

© Mihai Marius Mihu.

You can see all of Lego Hell here.


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    I was quite impressed with the lego phallus and vagina, those were nicely done. Had no idea you could do that sort of thing with lego!

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    Very impressive.

    Shouldn’t all skeletons have smiles? After all, what choice do they have than to grinn from ear to ear?

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