Rune Guneriussen.

© Rune Guneriussen.

Rune Guneriussen uses these everyday objects to construct stories, assembled and photographed on-site without any digital intervention in various rural locations all over his native Norway. Embedded into dreamlike landscapes, these surreal, humorous photographs of his installations seem almost computer-generated. As an artist he believes that art itself should be questioning and deceptive as opposed to patronising and restricting. Guneriussen does not explain the stories he is trying to tell, he just leaves them completely open ended. The hidden agenda of his art is not to give clarification, but rather “indicate a path to understanding a story.”

© Rune Guneriussen.

© Rune Guneriussen.

© Rune Guneriussen.

You can see much more of the wonderful and evocative work of Rune Guneriussen at iGNANT  and the artist’s website.


  1. rq says

    I love these! Books and lights everywhere! The phones were kind of crerpy, though -- not sure why. Maybe because they bear a passing resemblance to a pile of bones -- a graveyard of commumication.

  2. voyager says

    I would like to know more about the logistics of his work, especially the lamp shots. They look so fragile out there in the wilderness.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Very interesting pictures, i like them. I can see both creepiness and cuteness in the phones.

    The phones also wake up a bit nostalgia. Phones with similar shells (Ericsson Dialog, I think these may be the Norwegian phones with different electronics but same shell) used to be ubiquitous here (in Finland, also in Sweden). My parents had a burgundy tabletop Dialog when I was a kid and my paternal grandparents had a gray one.

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