A Bare Beginning.

I have had an absolutely splendid day, it’s always amazing when the overwhelming weight of pain is lifted for a bit. That said, the sore and tender is seriously setting in from all the injections, so time to rest. These aren’t going to be near as quick as the horses. And, no, the colour is not as toneless as it looks, flash photography.

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  1. says

    Thank you! I just have to watch it a bit, and not overdo. The injection sites get tender, and start grouching loudly after a bit. I get all excited about stuff, and want to do everything in one go. Moderate, moderate. :D

  2. rq says

    ‘Toneless’? Looks super-vibrant from here!
    Also feel better and enjoy your rest! Best not to look a basilisk in the eye too soon, anyway. :)

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