1. says

    That was River’s “would you stop now, I’m trying to eat” face. She was such a delightful girl, loved to play, and like Grace, loved anything sweet.

  2. blf says

    That walnut is almost as big as a forty-foot high rat! The was an entire walnut tree at the former location of the lair smaller than that one walnut.

  3. chigau (違う) says

    If I said PLEEEEEEEEEZ in a whiny voice
    could we have ‘Raturday’ as a regular feature?

  4. says

    It is! I’ve been doing it every Saturday for at least a few weeks now. Definitely a thing. If for no other reason, to reduce the dedication to effing caturdays.

  5. blf says

    I think I missed a few while I was away.

    (Checks calendar.) Ah, no, sorry, for the past some weeks there hasn’t been any tinkering with Saturdays. There was a repeated Wednesday (Friday the following week was dropped as compensation), and an experimental swapping of Monday and Tuesday, but there hasn’t been any real changes. You might think you missed some Saturdays, but it’s more likely you were busy running away from a huge walnut bouncing across the tundra, similar to Rover.

  6. blf says

    chigau, No, when I look at a calendar, it’s like, you know, “Hey, it’s whatever day I select” (with apologies to Terry Pratchett).

  7. Tethys says

    Her ears are adorable. Walnuts, corn, pasta and a pencil, because a balanced diet isn’t just for humans.

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