Two Bonsai Trees.

From Charly: Pines. Grown from seeds, approximately 10-12 years old (I forgot the exact year I planted the seeds). This year I planted them in proper bonsai pots for the first time. Pictures are taken in the spring, now the trees are slightly bigger again. Click for full size!

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    I am glad you like them. They chose their general shape themselves, with me only slightly the process by pruning. Wire has never touched them.
    @Ice Swimmer -- very probably yes. I do not remember how the cone looked like and the over ten trees I have from those seeds look each differently. And without cone I cannot exactly identify the species. It is most likely P. sylvestris, but it might also be P. mugo or perhaps P. banksiana. The cone was not collected by me in the forest, but by a friend of mine in a park. I cannot plant them in free land to ascertain their natural growth (which would also help), because then they might irreversibly overgrow their shape. (most) Conifres cannot be scaled back and grow branches from old wood like (most) deciduous trees can.

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