On The Hunt.

Today sees a need to hunt for a refrigerator, to replace my beloved early 1950s Philco, which is far from dead, but the latch is failing, and I’ve recently had to turn it up to ‘2’, which used to freeze everything solid. Ours is one of the odd ones, with the latch on the right, opening to the left. Almost all the Philcos had their latches on the left, unless it was the marvelous V version, which opened from either side.

I won’t be able to part with it; I’ll set it up in my studio as art supply storage. As it’s metal, the rats will leave it be. All the inside racks and such are a translucent aqua blue, kinda spectacular. So, off to find a small, absolutely no frills fridge, I’m hoping to be able to find one without a freezer, as we have a late 1940s Zenith chest freezer which is unbelievably huge.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    Good luck on your hunt.
    It took us a couple months to find a no-freezer-fridge for the community hall.
    The salespeople had a hard time comprehending the concept.

  2. says

    When we changed our old fridge for a new one, our electricity bill went down almost 200 bucks a year. Thus the new fridge has paid for itself in just two years.

  3. says

    We have a Vestfrost two door upright fridge-fridge that has been very economical over the last 15 years. The best thing about fridge only devices is that they never ever need defrosting. The bad thing is that cleaning tends to be put off forever.

  4. says

    Actually, my little Philco is remarkably energy efficient. That said, the hunt was wildly successful, and we purchased a lovely little Haier fridge, very small, suitable for 2 people, in black. Couldn’t complain about the price, which was $400.00 with the additional warranty. Haier does make freezerless fridges, but none were in stock, and this one has a very small freezer, so we went with it anyway. Absolutely no frills, it’s for keeping food cold, and that’s all I wanted. We’ll pick it up next week, and decided to get a new stove, too. We found a Samsung we just fell in love with, and the price was right.

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