The Amazon Washington Post and Internet Taxes!!1!

Donald J. Trump: “The #AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes referred to as the guardian of Amazon not paying internet taxes (which they should) is FAKE NEWS!

Y’know, at this point, I’d be relieved to find out that Donny is doing some serious drugs. File under Tiny Tyrant What The Fuck.

Via Twitter.


  1. says

    I tell ya, it’s amphetamines. That’s how a hardcore goofball talks.

    I think Trump would do well to steer away from complaining about organizations not paying taxes, considering that he’s turning the US into a tax-shelter.

  2. says

    The idiot probably thinks there is an internet tax, what the fuck does he know? He doesn’t even know how to manage email, ffs. He tweets, that’s it.

    I’m tempted to think someone has been slipping a tab or two into his coke. That aside, while this sort of thing might be kinda funny coming from Random J. Nutcase on the ‘net, it’s not funny at all coming from someone who is supposed to be president of a country.

  3. busterggi says

    Amazon had damn well better pay its taxes, who do they think they are -- Trump?

  4. Saad says

    You three are better readers than me. I still can’t understand what he’s trying to say.

  5. says

    I don’t know what he’s trying to say, outside of the fact he’s upset with WaPo again, and that’s hardly news. Maybe he thinks Wholefoods and WaPo are the same thing, ’cause Bezos just bought Wholefoods. Who the fuck knows?

  6. says

    I still can’t understand what he’s trying to say.

    Oh, I didn’t understand what he said. I was just keying off of the vocabulary -- like a neural network consisting of an array of bayesian classifiers that give me a probabilistic model of what the fuck the president is saying based on lexicon. But it keeps saying “divide by zero” -- he can break AI.

    I’ve had lengthy conversations with people who are cruising on multi-tabs. I’ve talked to people who were tripping so hard that pretty much all they could do is smile and drool. And they were STILL more coherent than the president. It’s not psychoactives he’s on, and it sure isn’t opiates -- that’s why I keep coming back to amphetamines. I do not believe it is possible to be that big of an asshole without performance-enhancing drugs.

  7. kestrel says

    Marcus @#6: You just need to meet bigger assholes. They are out there, alas. :-(

    Ok seriously: have you ever had to deal with someone who is NPD? Because they act exactly like this. Exactly. No drugs needed, it’s all natural talent. Alas.

  8. komarov says

    Y’know, at this point, I’d be relieved to find out that Donny is doing some serious drugs

    That question might be answered once the TSA decides that blood screenings* are a necessary part of US airport security. (I assume Trump still flies on his regular golfing trips)

    *Continuing the slow process of turning the TSA from a security agency to a healthcare provider.

  9. komarov says

    Apparently they don’t, even though a decently sized private plane just as dangerous in the wrong hands. I do see though that if I wanted to hijack my own plane I probably wouldn’t need to smuggle a pair of nailclippers into the cabin. At any rate I’d spend the entire flight worrying how I could get into the cockpit only to realise I’ve been sitting in it all along. What’s worse, I don’t know how to fly a plane and don’t have a license, so anything less than a flawless landing might arouse suspicions and see me arrested.

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