Not Dead Does Not Equal Healthy.

Jim Cooke.

Mike Huckabee is once again wearing his folksy, backwoods preacher coat in an attempt to defend the Tiny Tyrant. It’s one helluva bad attempt, I’ll say that much. “The Tiny Tyrant has kept America Alive!”

“Donald Trump is kind of like a doctor who sometimes has a rather gruff bedside manner,” Huckabee said. “Nobody’s going to argue that point.”

Oh, I could argue that point. I imagine lots of people could, and would argue that point. If you want a more accurate comparison, how about: Trump is kind of like that old dodderer of a small town doctor, stuck in the past, with no notion of how to treat people in a modern and effective manner? Personally, I think even that descriptor is too kind. The reality is more akin to ‘con man fakes being doctor, kills half the town before caught’.

“He can be crude and he can come across sometimes less than people think, but, by golly, the patient is alive and I’d rather have this president, who gets things done, than one who comes in, he’s nice and he’s polite and he smiles, but my family member dies in the hospital bed,” Huckabee added. “America needs to say two words to Donald Trump: Thank you.”

Gets things done? What, exactly, has the Tiny Tyrant done? Rolled back every regulation he could, ensuring mass pollution will once again take over. Making sure all working people are fucked into the ground. Destroyed the slight healthcare people had. Arresting and deporting citizens for no good reason. Being a stone cold killer when it comes to those seeking refuge. Screamed exhortations of bigotry, hate, guns, and violence, to the point that “America” is now a splintery mess, with mass shootings taking place every. single. day. People being attacked and murdered for no reason other than irrational bigotry every. single. day. Made sure to engorge his already bulging pockets. Spreading his filthy disease of corrupt criminality.

Thank you? I don’t fucking think so. All the Tiny Tyrant gets from me is: FUCK YOU, AND GET THE FUCK OUT, YOU FUCKING IDIOT.

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  1. Holms says

    “Donald Trump is kind of like a doctor who sometimes has a rather gruff bedside manner,” Huckabee said. “Nobody’s going to argue that point.”

    Holy shit no. A doctor, lousy interpersonal skills or not, still has the training and knowledge required to be a doctor. In Huckabee’s analogy, Trump is a guy that watched medical shows like House a bunch, and thinks being a doctor is as simple as throwing some of the jargon around while wearing a lab coat and stethoscope.

    And he doesn’t even have House’s charisma.

  2. johnson catman says

    Caine, you said the exact two words (plus a few more) that I was thinking that 45 deserves. I would also say that Huckabee, Turtle McConnell, Paul Ryan, and a host of others deserve the very same.

  3. lumipuna says

    Actually, Trump isn’t even playing a doctor, even if he was technically hired as one. He’s one of those people who say you should buy their healthcare solutions, because it’ll make the doctors furious.

  4. emergence says

    I thought you were talking about Trump himself. The image above didn’t help matters.

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