33 Degrees South: Booborowie, Part 1.

From Lofty: A series of pictures from the hilly district 100 miles north of where I live. Booborowie is the tiny town where we started. The country is gaunt yet beautiful. The rainfall is fickle, early settlers had their hopes dashed every drought but the lucky few families survived and prospered into the 21st century. The wind is a nearly constant feature hence the wind farms but on the day we rode there was little wind so they turned fitfully. Properly speaking the photos should have the title 33 degrees south as we are a fair way from home. The third picture is a zoom shot of the falcon in shot 2. Click for full size!

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  1. kestrel says

    Beautiful country. Are those sheep in the second picture? What a great place for a bike ride.

  2. says

    Yes there are sheep, this is excellent country for them. It was pretty cool in the morning too, there was still some frost on the ground at 9am when we started. As for the bird, partner reckons it’s a Black Shouldered Kite, it looks very like the picture she showed me.

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