Mr. Tweet’s Incoherent Ride.

Mr. Tweet has gone on yet another tweetstorm, this time, spilling the truth, which I’m sure was an accident. The Tiny Tyrant has become well unraveled after the terror attack in London, and the mass amounts of scathing scorn heaped on his head over his initial response. (That response was basically “guns! if you had guns…”).  Now he has unleashed a set of tweets which are garnering yet more scorn. I’m rather amazed his head isn’t burning at this point. This is the last tweet in a long line of them:

The Tiny Tyrant: “In any event we are EXTREME VETTING people coming into the U.S. in order to help keep our country safe. The courts are slow and political!

You know what else is slow and political? You, dumbshit. So far, a near-fatal eyeroll hasn’t killed me, but if they keep happening at this pace…

President Donald Trump kicked off Monday morning with a tweetstorm calling for courts to allow a travel ban barring travelers from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.


For months, the White House has argued that Trump’s ban on travelers was not a “Muslim ban,” even going so far as to delete a campaign statement on “preventing Muslim immigration.” In January, Trump claimed the media was “falsely reporting” that he had ordered a Muslim ban. That same month, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump’s executive order “is not a travel ban.”

Yet at its core, Trump’s recent tweets speaks to the intent that he is indeed preventing Muslims from entering the United States. In hearings on whether to lift the injunction on Trump’s ban, judges cited the president’s previous comments about “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” as evidence that he’s specifically discriminating against Muslims.

Particularly with Trump’s “politically correct version” tweet, it would now likely be more difficult for his lawyers to continue to argue that he’s not intending to bar Muslims.

Think Progress has the full story on the import of these tweets, and Raw Story has a selection of choice responses to the Fucking Idiot.

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