1. rq says

    I’m sensing a theme. First the machetes, then the rats -- where will the watermelon pop up next??
    I love the dirty, dripping chin in the second photo: NYAMMM NYAAAAMMMMMM!!!

  2. says


    How are they with sharing?

    Not great, but it depends on what’s being shared, and the particular crew. If I fill a plate with nutella, frinst., they share just fine. Same with watermelon. It needs to be a really big something for them to share without tug o’ war fights breaking out all over.

  3. The Mellow Monkey says

    Rats! ❤ Our two little girls (Shae and Arya) both passed away recently, having lived long and happy lives with much terrorizing of the dog, a Corgi mix who was properly frightened of their bold, ratty friendliness. I can’t wait to get settled in a more permanent home so we can adopt a new scurrying family.

    Your fine gentlemen rats look quite pleased with themselves here.

  4. says

    TMM, aww, I’m sorry about your girls, you always lose them too soon, but it’s always grand to get a new crew, too.

    Rats always look smug around watermelon. I’m not sure what that’s about.

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