Native Azalea Bud.

From Opus, who says: I believe Giliell and rq have discovered my secret:  I am indeed harboring and photographing alien life.  The photo you posted was of what might correspond to the larval stage in terrestrial creatures.  This is the same creature, after pupation.  They are almost cute, before the mouth-parts harden into the razor-sharp keratin-like substance that I have learned to fear. They may be fearsome, but another absolutely stunning macro, definitely click for full size!

© Opus, all rights reserved.


  1. rq says

    I am quaking at the fearsomeness, somewhere on the inside. In the meantime I shall enjoy the cute fuzziness! Can’t wait to see alladem teeth.

  2. Kengi says

    Yet another absolutely amazing shot. It’s a strange new world down at that level of detail.

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