1. Kengi says

    This is one of the males of the two male/female pairs that took up residence recently. Since they stuck together in pairs, it was easy to spot the larger and smaller jay to identify the sex. The females also tend to stay deeper in the trees and feed off the ground under the trees rather than coming to the feeder.

    Over the past several days, the females have grown noticeably more rotund for some mysterious reason (though I haven’t been able to get any good pictures of them). On a completely unrelated note, they have all been recently busy gathering nest material and caching nuts all over the back yard. Hmm. Maybe there’s a connection there.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Longnecking. (is there an actual word for this?)

    The spruce branches* provide an idyllic background.
    * = In Finnish we have a word for a small conifer branch, havu, probably because they are used for a number of things, mostly in winter, covering flower beds on graves, marking distances in ski jumping hills etc.

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