European Larch.

European Larch, one of Charly’s Bonsai trees.

“European Larch Larix decidua. Over 20 years old tree, grown as a bonsai for approximately 15 years. It was found as a seedling near train track where it would be destroyed in subsequent years. I am not too fussy about my trees adhering to Japanese bonsai styles, I do not use the wire or grafting too much and I let the trees mostly “choose” their form by themselves with me only slightly guiding the process through cutting. To a Japanese professional this would probably look as very shoddy work. This year the tree actually bloomed and I find larch blossoms very beautiful, which is why I am sending these as first.”

Back in SoCal, we grew Bonsai trees, and had around 50 of them. We did ours traditionally, our nursery owners were a lovely Japanese couple, who also provided a tree sitting service for when you had to be away, which was so very nice. I did go light on the wire, and tended more toward judicious trimming and cutting. To my eyes, this tree is absolutely beautiful, and I think Charly has done sterling work with it. Click for full size!

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  1. kestrel says

    Oh, Charly, what a gorgeous tree! And so beautiful in bloom… What a fascinating hobby.

  2. cherbear says

    Love the larch flowers! I’ve never seen them close enough to appreciate their beauty!
    And a lovely informal upright bonsai!

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