Attaining Red.

I was a bit disappointed that the red hydrophilic beads weren’t actually red, but an odd pink. So, a bit of paint in the water took care of that one. :D By the way, if you have rats, don’t forget to secure them, because apparently, they make fabulous toys, and disappear completely, to no observable ill effect. Click for full size.

© C. Ford.


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    If taken away from water they shrink back down -- and can re-expand. If a rat ate a dry one it might expand in the intestine -- that could be bad bad bad. I crushed one and let it dry into powder -- I dispose of that carefully (not down a drain) -- nontoxic but might still cause harm.

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    Marcus, I know they do. The rats got a hold of them while they were saturated, apparently, played with the mighty bounce and chase for a bit, then shredded them. Rats have inner cheek flaps, which can be deployed like a gate, allowing them to chew anything without swallowing it.

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    OK, that’s a relief. I’d feel terrible if I accidentally was involved in something bad happening to one of your rats!

    I had a freaking cool idea the other day to make a bent glass tubular thingie with an air pump that would shoot water beads around inside it. It’d be like a silent version of one of those steel ball “do nothing” machines. I don’t think I’m going to try because it’d be maddening to make, and messy if it failed.

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