Bannon: A Trump Collectible.


According the latest, it’s Ms. Kushner who wants Bannon ousted, as she’s veddy, veddy concerned about … the Trump brand. Aww, you didn’t think it would be beautiful babies, did you? According to the de facto First Lady, Bannon is just one of daddy’s collectibles.

As pressure has borne down on the Trump administration to produce some victories to mark its first 100 days in office, Bannon has reportedly been finding himself increasingly isolated and overruled in the Oval Office. According to the Times, the president’s daughter has been making a case for Bannon’s removal to her father “in the strongest terms.”

“Ms. Trump has never been close to Mr. Bannon, although she appreciated the ferocity of his work. She puts him in the category of colorful, rough-hewed characters her father collects, with the likes of Roger Stone, a longtime Trump operative,” the Times said.

“In recent weeks, she has spoken bluntly about Mr. Bannon’s shortcomings to the president. She was especially incensed by articles she believed were planted by Mr. Bannon’s allies suggesting he, not her father, honed the populist economic message that helped sweep the Midwest. She made that point in the strongest terms to her father, who agreed, according to a family friend,” the report continued.

Ivanka Trump reportedly sees one of her roles in the White House is to serve as a protector of the family brand. Throughout the campaign and since her father’s inauguration, she has reportedly worried that the ultraconservative Bannon — with his failed Muslim ban and repeated attacks on her husband by — will damage the Trump brand.

I rather imagine Bannon and his supporters aren’t going to be overly pleased at the depiction of Bannon as a plaything. Tsk. Via Raw Story.


  1. Kengi says

    From the Washington Post article about this.

    “The fundamental assessment is that if they want to win the White House in 2020, they’re not going to do it the way they did in 2016, because the family brand would not sustain the collateral damage,” said one well-connected Republican operative, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the president’s family. “It would be so protectionist, nationalist and backward-looking that they’d only be able to build in Oklahoma City or the Ozarks.”

    At last, the Trump team is coalescing around a coherent policy. Policy decisions will be made to protect the Trump brand, which is totally not a conflict of interest. Nope. Not at all. Not one little bit. How dare I even suggest it!

    Geez, I hope world war is considered bad for the Trump brand…

  2. cartomancer says

    Given that the “Trump Brand” currently epitomises crassness, gaudiness, lack of substance, lack of taste, ethical barrenness and malicious incompetence, one wonders just how it COULD be damaged any further.

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