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    A friend of mine used to say that every horse had music in its head and gait (her arabian had “here come the clowns”) my big percheron/suffolk blockhead P-nut had the apocalyptica version of Hall Of The Mountain king as his gait. Eapecially transitioning to a canter. Which is how he nearly broke my neck…

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    :D I don’t want a funeral, but if my wishes go awry, then it will be Orff’s O Fortuna, because the thought of that being sprung on people at ear bleed amuses me no end.

  3. rq says

    So long as they do the words right.
    (As overdramatic as that piece is, I’ve been in the choir singing it roundabouts midnight in the central square in a medieval town complete with pyrotechnics and one of the best conductors in the country. Therefore, soft spot. We did the whole string of songs.)

    At my funeral, people can play whatever the fuck they like, so long as it is in tune and in the correct key, because sure as shit I’m getting up to complain about that if it ain’t. You’ve been warned.

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    Oh, I know the words by heart! That said, that video was funny as hell. Why on earth would anyone think it was in English? I love O Fortuna, mostly because it’s one of the only well known pieces which references old gods. I don’t know that it’s over dramatic so much as it’s been over-and-mis-used so much. I’m lookin’ at you, decades of horror flicks.

  5. rq says

    Nah, I think it’s over-dramatic (that shit’s dramatic) but I love it for that. So much fun to sing (correctly).
    And it’s also over-used, that’s true. :D Still a good piece of music, though.

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