1. rq says

    I see the flying pig. Now where’s my winning lottery ticket?
    Also your lilacs seem well on the way to blooming -- lucky you. We’ll have ours around May, if the night frosts back off.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The hillside is so beautiful again, with the silver-white of the flowering tree. (Have we seen it before or was the hoar-frosty hillside elsewhere?)

    lumipuna @ 4


  3. says

    Ice Swimmer
    Yes, it’s the same hillside, behind our house.
    The hyacinths seem to be blooming everywhere. Those are blooming between the steps of the stairs down into the garden. And the yellow with the dandelion is just gorgeous.

    The lilacs are not quite blooming yet, but I think they’ll get there next week.

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