1. rq says

    The little wagtail capture is so bright, I like how a few strands of spidersilk caught the light, too.
    Trying to figure out that last picture (the bird in it, that is).
    I hope the new tenants stay where they are meant to, and don’t interfere with your yardwork! As for the returning tenants, well… :)

  2. says

    @rq, the last one is house sparrow. The wagtails I already spotted to carry some nesting material into the wood pile :(. Basically only the nesting box for blue tits seems to be inhabited, the rest was sumarily ignored.

  3. lumipuna says

    What a coincidence. My parents have a birdbox in their backyard, and just today my dad mentioned it’s being contested between blue tits and house sparrows.

    We also have a pile of fresh firewood waiting for chopping at the rarely used summerhouse, just the kind of pile that will attract crevice-nesting birds if we wait for a few more weeks. Usually it’d be too snowy to go there in early April but now we don’t have that excuse…

  4. says

    @lumipuna, what a coincidence indeed. This nesting box has been build with opening so small, that no other bird but blue tits should be able to use it. However it is hung on a cherry tree and a few days ago the pair of blue tits has been fighting ferotiously in the tree with a great tit, so maybe the great tit was eying the nesting box too. It was quite a spectacle to see those two tiny birds to attack the visibly larger one and to stalk it across the tree until they drove it off.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    The sparrow looks like a little hawk in that posture! A dinosaur is a dinosaur.

  6. says

    @Ice Swimmer
    It also seems he is the righful owner of the roof and only lets me use it in the meantime. The only other bird that is allowed on the roof is the wagtail, I have not seen any other bird to sit and sing there apart from these two. For second year now. It is their bragging place and they probably do not tolerate anyone else there. I even have seen a stalemate singing-stand-off between the sparrow and the wagtail. But I have not seen them fight and they seem to have agreed on taking shifts in the bragging, so it is either one or the other, but not both. Interesting thing, if you take into account that sparrow is visibly smaller than wagtail.

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