Word Wednesday.

Words1Obdurate / Obduracy.


1 a: stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing. b: hardened in feelings.
2: resistant to persuasion or softening influences. Syn., see Inflexible.

– obdurately, adverb.
– obdurateness, noun.

[Origin: Middle English, from Latin obduratus, past participle of obdurare to harden, from ob– against + durus hard.]

(15th Century)

Obduracy, noun, plural -cies: the quality or state of being obdurate. (1597)

I’m Milan, the man said, not offering his hand nor any shred of comfort in his voice, which was strangely accented, a dry obduracy to it as if each word were something to be wrestled then spat out. ” – Eleven Days, Stav Sherez.


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