Kill All Ni**ers.

Woman wears Donald Trump mask in racist video (screen grab).

Woman wears Donald Trump mask in racist video (screen grab).

Old Dominion University revealed on Tuesday that it was investigating a hate-filled video that was posted on YouTube.

Throughout the video, which has now been removed due for violating YouTube’s community standards, a woman in a Donald Trump mask can be seen dancing and waving a firearm.

The woman wears a shirt with a picture of Donald Trump and the words, “My President Is White. Again.”

Messages on the screen read, “N****r History Month” and “Kill All N****rs,” while rap music playing in the background promotes lynching, white power and the Ku Klux Klan.

In a statement, Old Dominion University said that an investigation had been launched because the university’s logo could be seen in on a sweatshirt in the video.

You can see the video in the link above, but I recommend a very strong stomach, and an irony meter which won’t explode in your face. I couldn’t make it through the whole thing, but from the start, it’s obvious Ms. White Power is attempting to rap. Yeah. Hate is almost always allied with stupid, and apparently, a serious case of being oblivious to, well, everything. Once again, hate also displays the inherent cowardice of masking up. The university is investigating, and I hope Ms. White Power is kicked out on her lily white ass.

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  1. cubist says

    Investigating this fine, upstanding feemale for expressing her opinion?

    They’re thawing her peaches!!!!

  2. Patricia Phillips says

    Speaking of rotten peaches…curiously her president isn’t ‘white’ so much as he is an unusual shade of orange…not onlike peaches going bad…Hmmmm.

  3. rietpluim says

    Wow, yeah, rap -- that’s fuckin’ ironic. I’m sure she enjoys a good negro spiritual every now and then.

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