Gorgeous Doves!

Charly sent photos of more of his mom’s (and his) work in knipling. Absolutely gorgeous doves! Charly says: These two doves were made in 2011. The first one is my mothers design. After she made it, I asked her if she could do another one with my design, and she did. My input included not only new outline, but I also suggested the use of different colours and different lace /knotting.  The difference in style is quite apparent. The first dove is what would be called “traditional” style, because in this style are made laces, collars, doilies etc.

Pictures are behind glass, so I had to adjust colour saturation and levels to bring the colours out so the pictures look like the real fabric and not too grey. They are actually larger than life on screen, in reality they are only approximately 35 cm (14 inches) diagonally. For completeness’s sake I am also including the templates, I think you might find them interesting.

I definitely find them interesting! Click for full size.





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  1. says

    They are both so beautiful, but I will admit that I really like the addition of gray in the second one, it really stands out. I love the lacing in the middle of the dove, too.

  2. rq says

    Just stunning. About how long does it take to create one of these pieces?
    You certainly have a good feel for design and colour, Charly!!

  3. says

    I am glad you like it.

    I forgot to add that after my mother made the second design once, we decided to change the design for the far wing. But it is not on the template, because my mother did not change the whole template, she only drew a separate bit for the changed wing.

  4. says

    @rq Hard to say exact time, but a few hours apiece. You can actually see on the first template a note that the “Z” marked part took 2,5 hours. In my mothers hands the bobbins fly quite quickly. That is why I said that it needs to build a lot of muscle memory. She is doing this while watching TV.

    After that it has to be starched, eventualy carefully ironed and put in frame, but that takes just minutes.

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