Puree With A Taste Of Triangles.



Alena Zhandarova’s works immediately caught my eye and imagination. Truly wonderful.

Exploring the uniqueness and diversity in each of her subjects, Russian photographer Alena Zhandarova continually pushes the borders of her perception by trying something new.

“I am fascinated by the opportunity to try myself as a storyteller with my own protagonists,” she says. Using the chance to transform her feelings and experience into distinctive visual language, Zhandarova breaks the found context and finds her own way to communicate with the found space. The series of portraits called ‘Puree With A Taste Of Triangles‘ is as bizarre as its name, breaking the convention of traditional portrait photography. The girls in Zhandarova’s images usually have their faces covered, blending with numerous patterns and colors and thus becoming a part of the background themselves. The photographer explains: “I am inspired by the idea of combining incompatible, creating something out of nothing, finding an amazing coincidence, which then develops into a unique story.”




There is so very much to see in each photograph, the delight is in the details as well as the overall photo. They can also be interpreted in many different ways. I am in love with her work, and I love the way she thinks. Ms. Zhandarova is featured at iGNANT, and her website is here. Go and delight yourself!


  1. rq says

    If you can hear feelings, I don’t see why you can’t see smells. Or feel them.

    For many different reasons, the one with the onions really speaks to me. No, really -- I can hear it.

  2. says


    For many different reasons, the one with the onions really speaks to me.

    Oh gods, me too! I was riveted to that one. Still am.

  3. rq says

    It’s the onions. I don’t know why, but it’s the onions.
    That, and I may or may not have done similar things with woven baskets at some point(s) in my life. Maybe.

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